*Did you know something as simple as SouthBark's Blueberry Facial can not only brighten and gently remove stains from tears and food, but it's also anti-anxiety aromatherapy!

Our Staff

Imagine a place where your pet can enjoy a spa-like grooming experience in a tranquil, cage-free environment...

...because your pet's comfort means as much to us as it does to you...


The owner and one of the groomers at Hair of the Dog. Rhiannan, aka "Rhi" has been a licensed hairstylist since 2001. Her love of animals helped Rhi realize her true calling and she made the switch to pet grooming in 2007.

...where relaxation is key because, hey, we all need a little break now and then. You could take them to one of those big chain stores where your dog is locked up, alone for the better part of a day or you could call Hair of the Dog! Under supervision, your pooch can play, socialize, or just relax in a cage free zone.

We groom pets because we love it! Our staff is knowledgeable in not only the latest in hair cuts and styles but what spa treatments and products would best suit your pet's needs. Why?, because our genuine love of animals always has us searching out the latest research, attending classes and trade shows so that we can bring the latest most-informed information to you so your pet can benefit!


Brooke is such a breath of fresh air in our salon! She has such a great attitude and loves grooming dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our furry clients really respond to her gentle, loving nature and you will too!

Does Fluffy suffer from itchy skin or does he have a little trouble with anxiety at the groomer's? Ask one of our staff and they can help with recommendations on what will work best for you and your pet.